Odessa Specifies More Selecon

06 June 2007,

odessaThe Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre has long been considered the the star of this Ukrainian city, the first and the oldest of a great number of cultural institutions which appeared at the beginning of the XIX century.

In 2002, as part of an ambitious refurbishment programme Selecon supplied some 265 luminaires, including Pacifics (80V and mains voltage light sources), Aurora Cycs and Groundrows, Arena and 1200 PCs and Fresnels, Acclaim Fresnels and Performer Followspots via dealer Art-R to this iconic venue. Click here to see the full background story on this initial installation.

A few years on and Selecon is still the number one luminaire choice for the lightingteatr11 team at the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre with ART-R supplying a top-up order for 29 x Arena PCs, 6 x Pacific 5.5°-13° 1200W 80V Zoomspots, 6 x Pacific 12°-28° 1200W 80V Zoomspots, 2 x Pacific 90° Fixed Beams (1000W), 2 x Pacific 90° 1200W 80V Fixed Beams and accessories for all of them.

Selecon is delighted to see the number of 1200W 80V Power Systems at the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre grow, these low voltage, power saving systems deliver high light output whilst contributing to reducing the soaring energy demands on our planet.