Short Reach Short Riders

28 May 2007,

short_riders_team_seleconThe MVHS Chapter of USITT held its first annual “Short Reach Short Riders” Tricycle Race on Saturday, 12th May inspired by the “Long Reach Long Riders”.

Thirty eight students and friends rode in events ranging from sprints and relays to “The Enduro”. The participants all had a good time and $2000 dollars was raised for The ESTA Foundation’s Behind the Scenes Charity. bts_logo

Kim Craigie, of sponsor Vincent Lighting Systems, noted, “It wasn’t just about the money raised (which is important), but rather you showed future generations how they can make a difference for the better. That’s a priceless lesson”.

Scott Church, Selecon's US sales manager contributed to this event together with Apollo, JR Clancy, Goboman, Barbara E. Lucas (USITT), MVHD Chapter of FFA, Reid Neslage (H & H Specialties), Lori Rubinstein and John McGraw, Bill Sapsis, Vincent Lighting Systems and Rich Wolpert (Union Connector).