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Live performance is unique in celebrating our humanity, expressing our creativity, sharing and building our communal values.

Successful shows combine the talent and hard work of many: performers, director, choreographers, stage managers, set designers, stage crew, sound and lighting designers and their crews together with the front of house team, to create that memorable ‘live performance’ experience for an audience.

NZ Lighting Designer: Helen ToddThe role of the technical crew with its direct ‘hands on’ involvement offers unique opportunities to challenge and develop participants creative expression; technical knowledge; leadership and social skills as they contribute to the success of the performance.

Increasing health and safety concerns can create barriers to participation. A challenge and responsibility to which Selecon hasT/29_lamp for GX9.5 lampbase applied our passion for performance lighting and engineering skills to provide stage luminaires that can be safely and legally used by all; students, the inexperienced, and professional alike, so everyone can contribute and enjoy stage lighting.

Today’s stage luminaires use quartz halogen lamps which operate at very high temperatures (+ 400C) which if touched can cause severe burns, along with the risk of a subsequent further accident.



The mains power supply of all Selecon entertainment luminaires automatically disconnects when the luminaire is opened to replace the lamp.

It is therefore not possible to mount a lamp into a ‘live’ socket of a Selecon luminaire.


It is a mandatory European requirement that it must not be possible to insert a lamp into a ‘live' socket (refer EU standard adjacent) to ensure this type of accident can not occur yet some manufacturers circumvent this requirement by advising that their product is ‘for professional use only'.

EN 60 598 - 2 - 17 : 1989 Luminaires Section 102.17

Specification for Luminaires for stage, television, film and photographic studios.

17.6 Construction 17.6.1 The design of the luminaire shall be such that it is not possible to insert a lamp into a ‘live' lampholder of the luminaire. This requirement does not apply to luminaires intended only for professional use.

The passion and commitment that drives Selecon’s safety innovations deliver many more benefits, including luminaires which are cooler and safer to handle due to our use of the latest material technologies; more efficient light sources and optical systems that are reducing our demand on the world’s energy supplies.

Selecon’s industry unique three year warranty demonstrates the confidence our customers can have in buying a luminaire that is built to last and perform for many years to come.

All Selecon luminaires are now fitted with a safety bond, a secondary anchor point for the luminaire which is usually mounted over the heads of the performers or audience, a statutory requirement in many countries and standard practise in most. The bond is therefore always to hand when using the luminaire.

Selecon's Safety Statement: for more information on this, please click here.





The knowledge that fuels our passion we share with you through initiatives’ such as “Switched On” – a series of attractive wall posters and web based teaching resource produced to stimulate and assist aspiring theatre lighting practitioners, available at no cost from Selecon.


"When Selecon approached me to write for the ‘Switched On’ series I was amazed at their enthusiasm to explore and promote the creative and exciting world of lighting design. Of course they want people to use their wonderful equipment – but to invest in the future in such a broad and open way – to seek to open the eyes of young people to all the tantalising possibilities that open up when you begin to sculpt with light – was very refreshing. And I believe it can only help and support the ambitions of the young (and anyone else) as they develop an understanding of how invigorating and rewarding the technical challenges of the entertainment industry can be."

Neil Fraser
Technical Course Director 
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London


Left: Neil Fraser (right) lecturing at a Selecon Lighting Masterclass in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.



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