St. Joseph's College upgrades to Philips Selecon PL LED range

25 November 2014,

Reading, UK - Prestigious, independent day school St. Joseph's College has recently refurbished its much-loved chapel in a move to boost its technological offering whilst maintaining its environmental policy. To that end, the school turned to an array of energy-saving yet versatile Philips Selecon PL range luminaires from long-term and trusted supplier Lancelyn Theatre Supplies.
Having worked closely with Philips Selecon for many years, Lancelyn's Jo Beaumont-Ward recommended its PL range, saying:  "Selecon's PL range is one of the most reliable LED offerings on the market and will provide St. Joseph's with the required efficiency, practical stage lighting and in-built colour mixing that will stand the test of time."
With the chapel being a multi purpose space the luminaires had to be able to switch from an assembly or religious service using warm whites to the vibrant, intense hues of a theatrical performance, in order to mitigate the need for several different fixtures.
Moreover, the chapel's apex ceiling height of over eight metres meant that frequently accessing the existing tungsten fixtures needed complicated equipment.
Lancelyn therefore supplied an easy-to-maintain and space-effective package of 16 versatile PL luminaires - 10x Selecon PLFresnel1 LED luminaires, three PLProfile1 LED Zoom 18°-64° luminaires and three PLProfile1 LED Zoom 24°-44° luminaires complete with gobo holders.
"St. Joseph's has its own stock of tungsten halogen lanterns that they will continue to use in conjunction with the LED fixtures, but I understand the school will continue to upgrade to LED as their tungsten units deteriorate and become unusable," says Jo Beaumont-Ward. "The end of term assembly was the first time the school really ran the new Selecon PL system and they are very excited about the potential of the rig for the Christmas festivities such as the carol concert and performance."
Lancelyn Theatre Supplies also upgraded the main lighting in the hall, the audio system and the AV facilities.