Important Product Notice for 1200 / Rama Barndoor Accessory

04 February 2014,

Philips Selecon advise that there is a potential safety issue with older Barndoor accessories. In some extreme circumstances the mounting plate can become detached from the barndoor assembly after long periods of use.

A secondary safety chain must be used to secure the barndoor accessory. This is in addition to the primary safety chain permanently mounted on the luminaire. The current safety chain anchor points for the secondary safety chain located on the corners of the barndoor mounting plate must not be used.

A Barndoor Anchor Kit (Part code: RASWBD) with mounting instructions is available on request for free from Philips Selecon.

For further information, please contact Philips Selecon on 0800 50 30 70.

While users are waiting for the secondary safety cables to arrive, we strongly recommend that users action a visual inspection and where necessary discontinue the use of these barndoor accessories.

**Please note that the Acclaim, Arena, Hui, Lui and Aurora barndoor accessories are unaffected.**

DOWNLOAD the PDF Document here.