Philips Entertainment Shines Bright at Mediatech

15 August 2013,

South Africa - Philips Entertainment is continuing its success story in South Africa following a hugely successful Mediatech in collaboration with Johannesburg-based dealer DWR Distribution. 

Banner Photo: Brad Schiller (L) and Grant Bales-Smith of Philips Entertainment (3rd from L) along with Duncan Riley of DWR (4th from L) demonstrate the Philips range of luminaires to members of the 7000 capacity Grace Church, Soweto at Mediatech SA 2013.

Philips' four premier brands - Philips Selecon, Showline, Philips Strand Lighting and Philips Vari-Lite, - are all reporting a rise in sales to major dealers and rental houses in South Africa.
Long-time Philips Entertainment lighting supporter Duncan Riley of DWR went all-out at Mediatech to create a visually spectacular stand, featuring an hourly repeating, six-minute light show designed and programmed by renowned South African lighting designer Joshua Cutts.
"Philips' four major brands were given equal coverage for the light show, including a demo of the new VLX software with cool mapping, and the VL880 Spots, although the star of the show was definitely the SL NITRO 510," explains Duncan Riley, managing director of DWR Distribution. "We demoed these using 12 units rigged in the arched truss of the stand, as well as via a single unit on display. This definitely raised the eyebrows of many customers - it was a real attention grabber!"
Joshua Cutts agrees: "The NITRO's modular control and brightness were the main features for me. I loved the way I could do subtle low intensity effects between modules and then suddenly turn the FX into a powerful strobe. I really enjoyed the NITRO so I can't wait to give them another run on the next show.
"The VLXs are also a world class wash light but the new modular control of the cells gives it a funky new feature, allowing me to create some very cool effects with them," continues Cutts. "In addition the VL880, like all spots from Phillips Entertainment, has great optics with a massive zoom range. I mainly used them for gobo work."
Grant Bales Smith, senior sales manager EMEA for Philips Entertainment, confirms that: "We were hugely impressed with the attention to detail, investment and creativity that Duncan Riley and his team from DWR put into their stand design. Joshua Cutt's certainly had his work cut out but we felt he showcased our luminaires brilliantly. In fact, so successful was the show that DWR has already purchased thirteen SL NITRO 510s, and MGG Productions has twelve. And, I am delighted to confirm, that plans for further investment are imminent."
On stand the SL NITRO 510, provided intense bursts of light and dynamic effects via more than 1,300 high-powered LEDs. "The SL NITRO 510 is more versatile than any other strobe on the market," explains Brad Schiller, Showline product marketing manager. "It uses less power than traditional strobes, yet is extremely bright at over 68,000 lumens. It features six programmable zones that enable designers to create a multitude of looks. The luminaire can also be used as an intense light source. It possesses the exceptional ability of a continuous duty cycle, which means they can be on at full for near unlimited time without any loss in output. And, for easy flexible configuration, they include a built-in quick-connect system that allows them to connect in both horizontal and vertical orientations."
Cutts also used a number of Vari-Lite VLX luminaires and demoed the recently released Indy software for the VLX Wash luminaire to great effect. The software enables individual control of the fixture's seven 120-watt RGBW LED engines. This facilitates a multitude of stunning looks and original chases to be programmed on the face of the luminaire, further enhancing the creative possibilities of this industry leading LED fixture.
Further enhancing the rig capability was the VL880 Spot luminaire - complete with all of the optical quality and functionality designers have come to expect from Vari-Lite. It's small, lightweight, and fast. The 800-watt MSR Platinum 35 lamp delivers impressive lumen output and the luminaire features a zoom range from 15º to 36º and a mechanical iris for continuous beam control. It also provides brilliant colour mixing with its three-wheel CYM colour assembly. Combine this with fixed colours, rotating gobos, independent zoom and frost and you have almost limitless output abilities.
DWR also provided a dedicated booth for all other Philips Entertainment brand products. On show from Vari-Lite was the new VL3015LT Spot luminaire, with its unprecedented 42,000 lumens of output with an unmatched 10:1 zoom optics system, plus industry standard luminaires such as VL3500 Wash, VL3000 Spot, VL2500 Spot and VL2500 Wash.
Also on stand was the new PLCyc2 and PLprofile4 LED profile from Selecon. Other Selecon luminaires include Acclaim and Rama Fresnels, Acclaim Axial Zoom Spot, SPX ellipsoidals, and more.
On show from Philips Strand Lighting was the versatile 250ML moving light control console - an evolution of the popular Strand series 200 console. Ideal for smaller productions it can take care of a hybrid of lighting instruments. Alongside this was the Light Palette VL16 console.
Philips Vari-Lite and DWR also partnered to supply a museum of lighting technology at MediaTech with Classic Vari-Lite fixtures and controllers such as the VL2C, VL4, VL5 and more.
Mediatech reported that around 6,500 tech savvy key decision makers walked through the doors of Johanneburg's Coca Cola Dome to experience the latest trends in advanced technology, broadcasting, pro AV and entertainment. DWR was one of 120 exhibitors that gave visitors a dynamic and unique spread of technical products and services, which combined represented over 800 brands.