Philips Selecon PL Range keep C nova Cool at Edinburgh Festival

11 December 2012,

Philips Selecon luminaires played a key supporting role at the exciting C nova venue at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe. C venues production manager and freelance lighting designer, Richard Williamson, has incorporated Selecon's latest development in LED Luminaires -- the PLFRESNEL-1, PLPROFILE-1 and PLCYC-1, to add creative flexibility to each of the venue's four found spaces, while saving on rigging space and labour and reducing heat output and thus the need for air-conditioning considerably.

A venue like C nova presents it's own set of challenges, explains C venues artistic director Hartley Kemp. "The turn around between shows are often less than fifteen minutes, the spaces tend to get very hot both from the stage lighting, which is on all day, and from the audiences and there is little time for each company to get to the lighting rig to refocus or re-colour. This means that any creative flexibility that we can afford them is gratefully received and where LED can come into its own. Not only do the Selecon units allow designers to use an array of colour but also the saturated colours are as bright as the more pastel colours. Running up a ladder between productions to replace the gels for a deep blue backlight wash are soon to be a thing of the past!"

Check out this Youtube posting for more on the response to these luminaires by the lighting designer and the lighting crew. 

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