Philips Entertainment Provides Punch for Mammoth Afrikaans Concert

23 November 2012,

South Africa – A line-up of Philips Selecon and Philips Vari-Lite fixtures have been praised by well-known south African lighting designer Joshua Cutts for providing the punch and power needed for a concert described as 'the largest Afrikaans music performance of the year'.

Cutts – who has worked on some of the country's biggest events including Idols SA and the South African Music Awards – rig comprised Vari-Lite VL3000 Spots, Vari-Lite VL3500 Spots, Vari-Lite VLXs, and Philips Selecon SPX Profiles for the Huisgenoot-Skouspel Festival, which saw a collaboration of 60 artists performing 80 songs in a three-hour period.

"The Philips Vari-lites worked well and were very bright," commented Cutts, who has lit the annual concert for the last six years. "The crisp beams that provided the punch and the zoom on a Vari-Lite always impress me. You get a sized gobo without losing impact or focus."

"Philips Vari-Lite's next generation VLX wash fixtures are now fast becoming a must have for discerning lighting designers," says Duncan Riley, managing director of DWR, Philips Vari-Lite distributor for South Africa. "They offer stunning intensity and smooth, natural colour mixing free of the 'colour shadowing' effects associated with some other LED fixtures. The total system provides approximately 14,000 lumens of output, and the 10,000-hour source life of the chip ensures that lamp replacement costs are a thing of the past. 70% lumen intensity maintenance over that time guarantees that the VLX wash will remain powerful and bright well into the future."

"The lighting style was very different this year," concludes Cutts. "It was not very rock and roll and we used very few effects. Instead we delivered beautifully programmed lighting to complement the extraordinary music on the stage."

David March, Philips Vari-Lite says: "We are delighted Joshua chose to use the combined power of Philips entertainment brands Vari-Lite and Selecon to deliver his lighting design. Increasingly Philips Entertainment lighting products enable lighting designers and technicians the world over to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Vari-Lite and Selecon along with Philips Strand Lighting and now Philips Showline all offer their own unique portfolio of lighting products. Each one is designed to ensure any performance engages, entertains, and inspires, regardless of the size and type of venue. When combined in a lighting rig they deliver an unrivalled palette of tools for the creative lighting professional."