Philips Selecon PLCYC1 LED Pushing the Right Battens

16 September 2012,

For a long time LED has been battling with conventional light on the purchase price front. LEDs are, for the moment, a more expensive lightsource to buy outright than their tungsten counterparts. Sure the long-term cost of ownership is lower, but this message doesn't always get across to the beancounters. Where LED fixtures gain the advantage is in "flexibility. Replacing multiple colour gelled tungsten fixtures with a single LED fixture that changes colour is a financially sound choice, no matter who looks at it. Cyc lighting is a situation where this philosophy works really well.

The PLCYC1 costs roughly the same as a 4 way cyc batten with dimmers and gels, but affords more "flexibility. It's powered by a 120W RGBW LED chip – the same chip you'll find in the PL1 and PL3 fixtures. What's changed is how the colours are homogenized inside the fixture.

Whereas the PL1 and PL3 units have quite a long collimating assembly, the challenge the PLCYC1 faced was achieving the same result in a shorter space. Yet somehow it's been done, and it works. Being curious about beam homogenization techniques, I pulled apart one of our demonstration units.

To download the entire print article PDF by Jimmy Den-Ouden, click here.

There is also an on-line review of the PLCYC1 hosted by Jimmy Den-Ouden (left) and Julius Grafton (right, white t-shirt), check those out via these weblinks:

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