Philips Selecon launches new LED Profile and Fresnel at PLASA 2012

04 September 2012,

UK: – Philips Entertainment Group brand Selecon is launching a new range of professional LED luminaires at PLASA 2012, Earls Court (9-12th September). Selecon will join Philips Entertainment brands Vari-Lite, Strand Lighting and new range – Showline – in Hall 1, stand BV 1-F50 to show off the latest developments in lighting and control technology. Debuting at this year's show will be the Philips Selecon PLFRESNEL-1 and the PLPROFILE-1.

Both fixtures are designed to complement Philips Entertainment's existing range of LED luminaires - the Selecon PL3, PL1, PLCYC1 and the Vari-Lite VLX ranges. Together, this comprehensive range of lighting tools will offer a higher level of creative expression to designers working in the theatre, small studio and display lighting sectors.

"The PLFRESNEL-1, which uses LED source technology combined with a traditional Fresnel lens, produces an adjustable cone of light with a soft edge is easily blended with adjacent beams to provide that all-important smooth stage coverage," comments general manager for Selecon Graham Eales.

In addition the PLPROFILE-1 offers a variable beam profile with precise beam control and pattern projection from a high output beam. An innovative combination of LED source technology and precision optical design, the PLPROFILE-1 delivers Philips Selecon's industry benchmark projection quality in a compact, robust luminaire.

"A key benefit of the PLFRESNEL-1 and PLPROFILE-1 is that it's no longer necessary to change lamps or colour filter," Eales continues. "Both luminaires combine the superior control and light quality of a Philips Selecon Fresnel and Profile with the ability to seamlessly fade between colours. Designers now have a new performance lighting tool at their fingertips. In addition less power consumption and no dimmer circuits make the PLFRESNEL-1 and the PLPROFILE-1 an obvious choice for a range of applications."

"Both the PLFRESNEL-1 and the PLPROFILE-1 use the same proven LED engine as the Philips Selecon PL3, PL1, PLCYC1 and the Philips Vari-Lite VLX ranges, which means colour matching in a multifunctional rig is entirely simplified," adds Grant Bales-Smith, sales manager for Strand Selecon Europe. "In addition the user interface is the same for all luminaires, which ensures intuitive operation across the whole Philips Entertainment range of LED luminaires."

This year Philips Entertainment's well-respected brands Vari-Lite, Strand Lighting and Selecon will be joined by the brand new Philips Showline range of feature rich LED luminaires aimed at the touring and TV markets.