New Philips Selecon Equipment Delights Student at the Victorian College of the Arts

26 July 2012,

Melbourne, Australia - Joseph Mercurio, Lecturer in Performance Technology at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) at the University of Melbourne turned to industry leaders Philips Selecon, when the VCA needed a substantial equipment upgrade.

"One the great advantages of dealing with Selecon is Pete McKenzie as he understands the unique environment of the University and the importance of supporting the students who are the future of our entertainment industry," said Mr. Mercurio. "Our local dealer Lightmoves was very helpful in both tweaking the deal and ensuring all of the equipment arrived in a timely and orderly fashion. Braham Ciddor was keen to get some PL3s for the VCA and negotiated with Pete to get them into the deal for the money we had".

The VCA is in the process of upgrading all technical facilities and the new lighting equipment which includes 38 SPX Fixed Beam and Zoomspots, 32 Ramas and 4 PL3s will be spread around 4 venues ensuring student lighting designers have the very best equipment for the productions at the VCA. "It was like an early Christmas as the students unpacked and burnt in the new kit. After the burn in the kit went straight out on to end of semester productions".

"When researching for this purchase the PL3 and Rama 80V Fresnels just leapt out as equipment that would be ideal for the students to have', Mercurio said. "Selecon offer a great product at a good price with excellent support. We are very happy to have their support, and so are our students."