Philips Selecon Adds Festive Sparkle to Brighton Pavilion Ice Rink

15 December 2011,

Brighton, UK - After its successful debut last year, Brighton's Royal Pavilion Real Ice Rink and Restaurant is back. Once again dynamic Brighton-based lighting design and hire company, TSL has been tasked with adding the all-important magic sparkle to the rink, café bar and skate hire tents.

Lighting designer and managing director of TSL, Sam Tamplin, chose to use the Philips Selecon range of conventional luminaires to deliver a festive atmosphere to this historic setting.

Viewed by many as the most romantic and beautiful backdrop for an ice rink in the country, Brighton Pavilion is evocatively lit with 'arctic' blues and deep 'ice' greens complemented by tinges of 'sunset' lilac and pink. In contrast, the 'après ice bar's comfortable leather Chesterfields and rustic seating arrangements are lit in 'candle- light' open white and 'fire ember' reds and ambers.

Tamplin is using a combination of Rama and Acclaim luminaires to create the intimate, festive atmosphere in the skate hire, restaurant and café areas as he explains: "This is the second year we've lit the Brighton Pavilion Ice Rink and the design has developed considerably. The rink hosts a number of special and sponsored events during its run. The ability to create a bespoke lighting scheme for each one is important. Also, because the Pavilion forms such a dramatic and romantic backdrop to the rink, the roofs of the skate hire and café tents are transparent. We therefore require luminaires that are discreet and flexible, able to provide basic task lighting yet at the same time add a bit of sparkle and magic when required."

Of course in a city where the Green Party is in charge there is another important consideration for Tamplin - energy consumption. "We get a lot of flexibility and output for our watt from the Philips Selecon kit. All these fixtures are extremely efficient and very bright," he explains. "It's important to TSL that we send our clients equipment that's fit for purpose, efficient, effective and in tip top condition. We have found Selecon's product design and build quality ensure that this is an easy promise to keep."

On that basis TSL made a substantial purchase of Philips Selecon luminaires earlier this year as Tamplin discusses: "Selecon luminaires have proved to be as robust, efficient and effective as they claim to be. From the moment we bought them they've barely been in the warehouse. They form the backbone of most of our lighting projects - everything from corporate events to school plays. The light output is clean and crisp, the optics are second to none and they're very low maintenance. At the end of every job all we have to do is give them a quick once over and they're back on the truck and on their way to the next project."