Madrid’s trendiest Arts Venue lights up with Philips Strand Lighting and Philips Selecon

30 November 2011,

Project Title: Matadero
Type: Multi Venue Arts complex
Location: Madrid, Spain
Installation Company: Chemtrol Division Teatro, S.A.
Equipment Installed: Philips Strand wall racks and Palette Console, Philips Strand Accent Lighting System, Philips Selecon tungsten fixtures

The Matadero, Madrid is one of the most prominent and dynamic centres for national and international performance and exhibition arts in Spain. The venue, designed by the technical director of the Matadero's sister venue, Teatro Español, Francisco Ruiz Ariza, features two exciting, multi-configurable performance spaces.

Respected Madrid based AV and staging company Chemtrol was commissioned by the design team to specify and install the entire entertainment technology infrastructure and all associated loose equipment including: lighting, rigging, trussing, staging, communications and AV for both of the multi-configurable spaces.

The venues host international and national tours alongside its own very popular, professional productions and shows. This brings in a diversity of experience and people who need to get to grips with what each performance space has to offer technically very quickly. The systems therefore have to be as familiar, user friendly and flexible as possible and accommodate all levels of theatre craft skill.

The largest of the two performance spaces features a 452-capacity bleacher seating arrangement along with re-deployable staging and rigging equipment. All the systems and equipment have been designed and specified to accommodate staging configurations from thrust to end on to in the round. Chemtrol has specifically designed technical infrastructure to enable quick and easy transition between staging configurations.

A large element of the project was the design and installation of the lighting infrastructure, which primarily comprised Philips Selecon luminaires and Philips Strand Lighting dimming and control.

Commercial director for Chemtrol, Jose Manzano, elaborates: "Because both venues are multi-configurable we designed an easy to use and adaptable lighting and dimming distribution system. This comprises a number of redeployable multicores distributed around the space, which feed back to the dimmer room. Multicores in use can be quickly and easily patched into the Strand Lighting Wall Rack dimmers through the softpatch sockets underneath. This solution presents the simplest and most efficient way to distribute 196 ways of dimming to exactly where they're needed in any staging configuration desired."

Lighting control for each space is from Palette Consoles through DMX networks, while house lighting is controlled from a Strand Lighting Accent Lighting control system.

Loose lighting equipment comprises a quite considerable quantity of Philips Selecon Fresnels, PCs, ellipsoidal profiles, floods and groundrows, which are deployed between the two main performance venues as required.

Jose concludes: "The Matadero is an exciting and dynamic project. It required equipment that was robust, reliable and efficient and that's what we gave them. The client has been very pleased with the result as have the many touring company's that have visited the venue since its completion."

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