Shrek goes more than a little green in Poland with Philips Luminaires

29 November 2011,

Gdynia, Poland – At the Musical Theatre in Gdynia, where the smash hit musical Shrek recently opened, green is much more than just the colour of the lovable ogre's skin. It's where the Philips Selecon distributor for Poland, TEATR completed Europe's largest permanent installation of Philips Selecon energy efficient, high output PL3 LED luminaires.

The triple light engine PL3s have been installed specifically for the Broadway production of Shrek, which premiered at the Musical Theatre on 8th October 2011. These were complemented by a number of Vari-lite VLX LED fixtures (the moving head version) for LD Peter Kuchta's recreation of Hugh Vanstone's original lighting design.

Kuchta used the PL3s and the VLXs for a number of effects as he explains: "The luminaires were used as the sidelight and overhead washes. I'm in love with these luminaires; they are now replacing standard halogen luminaries. It is so easy to incorporate them into the show rig, just by using the gel codes. The VLX output is more impressive than we expected, based on the technical data. More importantly, the light output of the more saturated colours is excellent"

Head of Technical for the Musical Theatre, Dariusz Kruszyniak explains why he chose to purchase the PL3 LED and VLX luminaires: "The PL3 delivers clean, colour balanced whites for stage, television and film production along with a plethora of stunning colours, both saturated and subtle. This makes them ideal for the variety of entertainment genres we host at our venue. In addition we expect the long life of the LED engines to reduce our maintenance costs quite dramatically. Combined with the energy savings they deliver we feel it won't be long before we see real economic benefits of ownership."

For the Musical Theatre the flexibility of a powerful variable beam (15°–55°) that delivers light levels in 'warm tungsten white', similar to that of a 1.2kW Fresnel - with a power consumption of only 400 watts – and considerably more at higher colour temperatures, is a huge benefit.

Michał Frąckowiak, Trade Director for TEATR continues: "The Musical Theatre, Gdynia has a varied programme. The flexibility of the PL3 and VLX luminaires combined with the low energy consumption is very welcome. The motorised beam control will help to speed up focus sessions as will the added convenience of remote control from the console. In addition the three 'white' presets (Warm White, Cool White, Daylight) means that they can easily integrate the luminaires into their existing rig and colour match them to existing light sources."

Michael Goldberg, sales and marketing director for Philips (EMEA) said of the installation: "This is the first and biggest installation of the fixtures in Europe and we are delighted that our LED luminaires are being used as everyday workhorses in the lighting rig rather than specials. This marks a real transition in the use of LED luminaires in theatre lighting design today."