Philips Entertainment Lighting Solution for the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre’s New Grey Street Venue

06 October 2011,

Australia's newest convention venue – BCEC on Grey Street – is set to change the face of meetings in Australia. Construction of the boutique expansion of the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) will be completed later this year, creating Australia's most flexible meetings and events venue. This is a landmark year for BCEC with the completion of BCEC on Grey Street and international and national business growing strongly. The Centre will host a record 122 conventions this year, attracting some 76,000 delegates and visitors to Brisbane.

The addition of BCEC on Grey Street will deliver a new dimension to the industry's offering in Australia. It is designed to meet an increased demand for smaller and medium sized meetings with two auditoria for 400 and 600 with accompanying foyer space, speakers' facilities and private boardrooms, allowing delegates to 'own' the floor for their conference.

The newly expanded BCEC, which is operated by international venue management group AEG Ogden, delivers more flexibility and more choices for a wider range of meetings from 200 to 8,000 than has previously ever been offered.

BCEC General Manager, Bob O'Keeffe said the addition of Grey Street to the Centre's existing facilities added a robust dynamic into the competition mix. "We now offer unprecedented flexibility for meeting planners for events of all types and sizes, under the one roof and catered to the highest standards of personalised service."

Mr O'Keeffe said the new development will enhance Brisbane's growing international profile and existing strong appeal as a leading meetings destination.

Philips Entertainment dealer The Production Shop won the tender with a compliant application and is proud to have supplied the professional lighting and effects portion of the project, working with BCEC's Brian Nash and Michael Kelly-Cruise to do so.

"Anyone would be pleased to have won this contract. Brisbane is rapidly developing its domestic and global reputation as a great place to do business. As a Brisbane-based company, being part of that development makes us doubly-pleased," said Graeme Hicks, Managing Director of The Production Shop.

"Our own Sue Hickson really proved her salt in managing and seeing this one through. This was one of those jobs that prove the benefit of going through a single distributor for a project of this nature; the list of equipment supplied includes gear from a variety of manufacturers and master distributors, both in Australia and internationally. Our position as a value-added distributor allowed us to act as a consolidation point for BCEC's purchase; saving them the potential hassle of going through multiple suppliers for this buy and allowing them to get on with the management of the greater project."

The equipment supplied includes 16x Philips Selecon SPX 15°-35°Zoomspots, 38x Philips Selecon SPX 25°-30°Zoomspots, 66x Philips Selecon PL1 LED Spots, 18x Philips Selecon SPX 50° Fixed Beams, 20x Philips Selecon Acclaim Fresnels (plus barndoors), 16x Philips Color Kinetics ColorBlaze 72s (plus 36/50° spread lenses) and  11x Philips Strand Lighting 100+ 12 Control Consoles.

Photographs supplied courtesy of BCEC.