Philips Entertainment at ENTECH, Sydney, Australia

17 July 2011,

ENTECH welcome the team at Philips Entertainment who are very excited at the opportunity to showcase the latest in technology that delivers, for creative stage lighting. From theatrical and display LED luminaires to distributed dimming and control solutions the combined talents of Philips Selecon and Philips Strand Lighting are effectively building a bridge to the future of entertainment lighting.

As the focus of our lighting industry moves forward into the world of LED light sources Philips Selecon is leading the way with cutting edge, high powered luminaires such as the PL1 LED Spot, PL3 LED Wash Light and the Wing LED Wall Washer range. Philips Strand Lighting's investment in IGBT technology and source control bring to market industry-leading dimming products such as the eS21 Power, Data and Dimmer system. The eS21 is so easily customised that it can easily mix and match modules to allow for the gradual introduction of new lighting technologies, a tungsten luminaire, and LED and a moving light to operate side by side.

Visit the Philips Entertainment Stand B1 for a hands-on experience of the future of entertainment lighting.