Philips Selecon Wing LED Wall Washers Deliver Future-Proof Solution for Identity: yours, mine, ours

27 June 2011,

Identity: yours, mine, ours is a major new exhibition at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne. As the name suggests this exhibition is about the identity of Australians, all Australians – who they are, who others think they are, and what it means to belong and not belong in their vast country. Focusing on how cultural heritage, languages, beliefs, and family connections influence self-perceptions and perceptions of other people – perceptions that can lead to discovery, confusion, prejudice and understanding this thought-provoking exhibition is destined to engage and challenge local and international visitors for the next decade.

Museum Victoria sees a long future ahead for this culturally relevant exhibition and expect it to be on display for the next ten years, so 'cost of life' was high on the list of priorities for the collection of personal stories, intriguing objects, compelling images and interactive multimedia experiences to life with light.

The most obvious cost saving solution was the use of LEDs and the timing was perfect for Peter McKenzie, Australia Market Manager for Philips Selecon with the release of the Wing LED Wall Washer range of luminaires. "The Warm White model with its 2000/830 LED engine fit the lighting design requirements to a 't'. Although the initial purchase price was higher than other light source luminaires being considered the fact that there are no replacement lamp costs combined with the reduced power consumption calculations which had been done proved that the higher outlay would have been accounted for after the first year of opening," Peter explains. "Plus, there's the fact that it's so easy to change out the LED engine once the next generation comes along."

And then there's the astounding quality of the light output to consider. "The evenness of the light output is brilliant and to be honest even I was surprised by how bright the light actually is – even with the luminaires running at 20% intensity and on top of that, I love the fact that the colour temperature doesn't alter when the luminaires are dimmed," said Peter following a recent visit to the exhibition. "I'm looking forward to future projects where I will be able to introduce the medium of colour through the other RGB/Tuneable White LED engine that the Wing range offers.'

The consistency of the Philips Selecon design team's aesthetics and their attention to precision beam quality means that these new Wing luminaires blend in extremely well (both in terms of their appearance and more importantly, in terms of the light output and colour rendering) with the Selecon Aureol BeamShaper projectors which illuminate the pods and other static displays within the exhibition. The result is stunning, seamless lighting which silently directs the visual focus of the many visitors spending time affirming their own identities and celebrating diversity in their communities to the exhibits where it should be.

Equipment List:

36x Wing Warm White LED Wall Washers

40x Aureol BeamSpots with Aureol BeamShaper accessories

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