WING LED WALL WASHER - High Quality Warm White Light, or RGB/Tuneable White. You choose.

25 May 2011,

With the release of its latest addition to the Wing range of Wall Washers Philips Selecon harness the rapid advancements in high-power LED technology, recognising its immense potential for high performance display lighting applications. The Wing LED Wall Washer delivers a homogenous, glare-free beam which will evenly light walls of 3m+ high with no UV or Infrared radiation to cause damage to precious artworks or exhibits.

For the first time Light Emitting Diodes can be used in 'real' lighting applications, providing vast improvements in reliability, long-life and low maintenance.

The Wing LED is available in two modules: the first is a Warm White (50,000hrs, 69lm/watt), dimmable via local touch switch (cycle up/down) control or via Dali control, which delivers a high quality white light.

Preset: Warm White Preset: Cool White Preset: Daylight



The second is a RGB/Tuneable White (35,000hrs, 29lm/watt) controlled via DMX (RDM address) – 'tune' the colour temperature and intensity to meet the requirements of your space or dynamically match to daylight for naturally lit spaces changing to warm while as night falls. Then switch it up for vibrant colour effects and transform the space for special events creating atmosphere and mood through the use of colour.

Drawing on the Philips Selecon heritage of innovative performance luminaires these new Wing LED Wall Washers conform to Selecon's brand promises of performance, precision and simplicity. The passive heat management system delivers a cool beam which means no radiated heat onto your exhibit or art work. Convection cooling of the luminaire means no fans so no noise. A discreet luminaire with precision pan/tilt adjustments and reference scale the Wing LED's single light source also offers lighting designers superior beam shaping and effective masking using the barndoor accessory.

Wing LED luminaires are currently shedding light on the Identity: yours, mine, ours exhibition at the Immigration Museum in Melbourne with other high profile museums in Queensland and Canberra planning exhibit lighting using this new lighting range which complement the recently released Philips Selecon PL1 LED Projector and the Philips Selecon PL3 LED Focusing Wash Luminaire – revolutionary lighting tools which are leading the way forward in performance lighting and enhancing life with light.

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