Philips Entertainment Total Lighting Solution Delights the Technical Team at the Empire Theatre in Toowoomba

18 May 2011,

The Empire Theatre in Toowoomba, Queensland opened its doors to the public in June 1911 flourishing as a silent movie house up until February 1933 when fire broke out and it was almost completely destroyed. In November 1933 the theatre reopened with an art deco architectural style in keeping with the fashion of the 30s. The newly opened cinema and live performance theatre was equipped with the most up to date facilities and held 2,400 people making it the largest regional theatre in Australia.

Celebrating its 100th anniversary in June 2011 this heritage-listed building has recently taken delivery of new Philips Entertainment stage lighting equipment which includes over 100x Philips Selecon SPX Zoomspot and Fixed Beam ellipsoidals together with Philips Selecon Rama High Performance 80V Fresnels, a Philips Strand Lighting 200 Plus Series control console with Strand Lighting 12-channel wall mounted dimmers and 12-channel relay racks.

The Philips Selecon and Philips Strand Lighting total lighting solution was chosen by the Empire Theatre's Kerry Saul and Tim Panitz who were instrumental in managing the project and getting the job done.

"Having considered the alternate options, we chose the SPX due to its impressive light output alongside the many subtle features that make it easy to use. The exceptional engineering of the units is clearly evident, and our crew love them." said Tim Panitz. "The Rama High Performance Fresnels fitted with 80V Dimmers produce a beautiful light output from such a small package and will help reduce our power use as well."

All the gear, including power supplied and accessories, is destined for installation into a redeveloped intimate performance space and the main auditorium (main banner image) and was supplied by The Production Shop in Brisbane.

"That another regional theatre in Queensland has gone with the Philips Selecon SPX adds further credence to the fixture's brilliance," said Graeme Hicks of The Production Shop. "We're very proud to have supplied the SPX, as well as the Rama Fresnel to such an historic venue, especially given that they are being combined with Philips Strand Lighting dimming and control."