Philips Selecon PL1s deliver winning solution for Texas Church

21 April 2011,

St. Luke the Evangelist Church in Houston, Texas, USA had a problem with their aging track lighting system that illuminated all of their services. Light levels were low and the energy consumption from the 300W par lamps was high. The quality of the light was also poor with flat lighting and no beam control. With Easter approaching the Church contacted Jerome Dunn of StageLight, a long time Philips Strand Lighting and Philips Selecon dealer, seeking a new lighting solution to enhance their services.

The team at Stagelight had several problems to overcome:

  • There was limited power to the ceiling of the Church as there was existing track lighting fed from single 20 amp circuits
  • Access to install traditional lighting was limited due to the high ceilings.
  • The architecture would make it difficult to hide wiring for a fully dimmed system.
  • Installation costs would be very high to install the new system.

After a review of all of the technologies available and the associated costs of installing them StageLight identified a winning solution. They chose Philips Selecon PL1 focusing spot luminaires to deliver high performance lighting that could be installed without disturbing the architecture of the church or add expensive wiring. StageLight engineered and installed 6x outlet plugging strips to replace the aging track infrastructure fed from the existing single circuit wiring. This was made possible by the low, less than 100 watt, power consumption of the PL1 luminaires.

Next came the challenge of getting control to these very flexible luminaires so the church could take advantage of their colour mixing and beautifully balanced white light control. The new W-DMX wireless receivers for PL1 solved this problem eliminating control wiring and giving the church the ability to use their new luminaires at any lighting position.

The result was an energy efficient low maintenance installation that will allow the Church to enhance their services for any occasion.

StageLight's design also allows the facility to easily expand their system as budgets allow and free them from the cost of colour filter and lamps for many years.

Although Philips Selecon PL1 luminaires are more expensive than a traditional stage luminaire, StageLight looked at the bigger picture. What made this renovation project a success was the work they put in comparing installation, dimmer system and luminaire costs and power distribution and then comparing these to the much simpler installation they were able to do using PL1s. On a total project basis StageLight saved their client money and delivered a much better solution.