Advanced Control

On-board LCD menu system for setup, control, and addressing. Intuitive menu offering all configuration options with a few button presses.

PowerCon in and thru from one 10A non-dim circuit.

Your Choice

Infinite colour choices from one RGBW LED engine delivering exceptional performance and life.

Rotate the yoke to create top cyclorama or groundrow.


    • Single source RGBW LED chip delivers limitless colour mixing capabilities and colour temperature.
    • Single units mean it is no longer necessary to change lamps or mix the colour on the cyclorama using multiple fixtures. One source allows multiple colours.
    • Fading between colours is seamless and allows designers a new level of creativity.
    • Homogenised fully mixed light, no multiple colour shadows.
    • Asymmetric reflector directs more light downward to produce visually even illumination down a vertical surface.
    • Quick selection of colour pre-sets.­­­
    • Can be used as a top cyclorama or a groundrow simply by rotating the yoke.


    • PowerCon in and through to light your cyclorama from one 10A non-dim circuit.
    • Typical power consumption varies between 26W and 83W.
    • DMX512 Input/Output with 8 or 16-bit resolution.
    • Wireless DMX module available.


    • No need for dimmers, connect directly to mains supply.
    • No need for lamp replacement or filter maintenance.
    • Onboard LCD Menu for ease of addressing/setup.
    • Fitted with rated safety cable.
    • Philips Selecon 3-year warranty.



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