Significant reductions in power consumption over traditional 1 / 1.2kW Tungsten Halogen luminaires

Electrical and Mechanical Specifications

Voltage 220V–240V AC
Wattage 94.5W (total consumption)
Current 0.5A @230V
The LED Engine The Rama LED Fresnel's powerful LED engine offers exceptional performance and life. Under normal operating conditions our LED engine has a life expectancy in excess of 25,000 hours, however under worst case operating conditions with the luminaire set to continuous full output it is possible that a small percentage of LEDs may require replacement sooner. The Philips Selecon three-year limited warranty includes our guarantee against premature failure of the LED engine.
Colour Black
Weight 8.4kg
Accessories Barndoor (Order Code: 20BDRA)
Standards Compliance Designed to fully comply with CE standards
Supplied with 1x Colour Frame - 186mm x 190mm; yoke nut and bolt, operation manual and 1.0m mains cable
Warranty Three-year Warranty.