Fast to Set & Focus

Two plane shutter design ensures same focus on all four shutters. Secured with unique integral shutter lock.   Full 360° rotation of the lens tube and shutters with indexing for recording the settings.

More Light for Your Stage

Premium optical lenses (supplied as standard).
Crisp white light with no pinkish hues or other colour cast for high definition pattern projection as well as the colour results you deserve from your filter selections.


    • More light - up to 63% more than the current industry benchmark.
    • Designed to manage the power and heat from high output tungsten halogen 800W light sources.
    • Improved efficiency - up to 27% more efficient than the current industry benchmark.
    • 'Crisp' white light untainted by hues or colour cast.
    • Premium optical lens package as standard.
    • Fixed beam angle range of 14°, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50°. Drop in, interchangeable lens tubes.
    • Sharp shutter cuts, excellent edge control.


    • Central planetary gear for effective, intuitive control of Peak:Flat light distribution - simply alter from smooth and flat for gobo projection to high intensity peak for stage washes. To learn more about light distribution across the beam click here.
    • Unique integral shutter clamp system; secures all four shutters after focusing.
    • Precise tilt lock reduces wasted time and the frustration of 'focus slippage'.
    • Focus reference scales.
    • The pattern is held securely around its circumference to minimise heat distortion of the image. The image can be rotated by turning the lens barrel / shutter assembly.
    • Fully enclosed front accessory holder and gate accessory mount slot cover ensure no unwanted light spill.
    • Full 360-degree beam / pattern / shutter rotation with indexing for recording the settings.


    • Intuitive familiar controls, beam angles and appearance so no need to re-learn your craft.
    • Fast to set and focus.
    • Compartmentalised heat management system exhausts the heat away from the critical lamp socket and cabling to minimise heat damage.
    • Quick and easy to maintain - full access to all lens surfaces for cleaning.
    • Two accessory slots for simultaneous use of "B" size gate patterns, rotators and irises.
    • Two plane shutter design ensures the same focus on all four shutters.
    • Shutters secured after focus by SPX's unique integral shutter lock.
    • Lenses move on glide bearings minimising lamp damaging vibrations and easing the focus process.


    • Secure.
    • Cool Touch rear luminaire lamp module with large grab handle and lens tube lessen the chance of burns when adjusting focus.
    • Fitted safety chain supplied.
    • Secondary accessory safety chain anchor point.
    • Automatic mains power disconnection via microswitch when the lamp module is removed to change the lamp for maximum safety.


    At Philips Selecon we seek to find new solutions for change which contribute to responsible practices and we have long focussed on the energy efficiency of our products and production processes. Click here  to learn more.

    Supplied with

    • 1x colour frame, 1x fitted safety chain, 1x suspension bolt set and short form instruction manual.
    • Three-year Warranty.

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