Continuous Color Control for the Selecon PacificPacificFader

The PacificFader™ adds Morpheus' superior color mixing to the Selecon Pacific range of ellipsoidal luminaires. Using proprietary dichroics developed for the PanaBeam™XR2, the PacificFader™ delivers a wide gamut of colors with deep saturates plus an extraordinary range of pastels that are suited to the theatrical palette.

PacificFader™ is available in three configurations:

  • PacificFader3™ – provides CYM color mixing for use with tungsten sources.
  • PacificFader4™ – CYM plus an incredibly smooth optical dimmer for use with energy efficient CDM, CST or MSR arc sources.
  • PacificFader5™ – CYM plus optical dimmer plus Morpheus' exclusive variable 2x CTO for color correction of daylight arcs.

Case Study:

One of Australia’s premier arts venues, the Queensland Performing Arts Centre has recently emerged from a major facilities upgrade which included the installation of 42x PacificFader™ units  . . . CLICK HERE to download the entire article which appeared in the November 2009 issue of Lighting & Sound International.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The PacificFader™ is manufactured and distributed by Morpheus Lights and is protected by a 2-year limited warranty.