Precision Assurance

Precise beam shaping and image projection.

Assurance - locked shutters; reference scales.

High Quality Light

High efficiency long life CDM or 12V tungsten halogen light sources.

Easy access for re-lamping.


    • Available in two zoom optical systems: 15°-35° and 25°-50°.
    • Efficient ellipsoidal light collection system.
    • Choice of long life 20W (12,000 average life hours) or 35W (12,000 average life hours) CDM, and 75W 12V tungsten halogen (4,000 average life hours) light sources.
    • Engineered from pressure die-castings manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium.


    • Precise beam shaping using four captive, adjustable shaping shutters which can be securely locked in place.
    • Lockable, rotatable lens tube.
    • Internally rotatable pattern holder with external image alignment.
    • "E" size stainless steel or glass patterns are mounted inside the body.
    • Very low glare and light spill.
    • Integral dimmer for 75W 12V tungsten halogen version which can be controlled by high quality architectural control products: 220V-240V model only.
    • Control of light beam distribution (peak / flat).


    • Sleek, understated design for minimal visual interference in the environmental surrounds.
    • Allen key lock offs and reference scales for all adjustments offers the means to effectively assure the integrity of the original lighting design.
    • Two front accessory slots for 93mm diameter coloured and UV glass; plastic filter holder.

    Mounting options

    • International mounting options: universal three circuit track adapter; ceiling mount rose; half coupler.
    • North American mounting options: please consult with our US office regarding all track mount options; unistrut clamp mount.

    Supplied with

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