Philips Selecon PL3 Meets Everyday Challenges of Stage / Studio Lighting

23 January 2011,

Zwolle, Netherlands - HA-Rental is the first rental company in the world to invest in the Philips Selecon professional LED luminaire range – the PL3 – for its rental stock.

Hans AldersOwner of HA-Rental, Hans Alders (left), is recognised by his peers as a visionary in the field of sustainable entertainment lighting. He was responsible for initiating the sustainability project of the VPT (Dutch association of stage technology). To ensure his company is 'green, safe and clean', Alders has developed a comprehensive hire stock of reliable, effective, energy efficient lighting equipment.

As part of that initiative HA-Rental has purchased a number of Philips Selecon fixtures including the PL3 LED luminaire from local Philips Entertainment Lighting dealer, ROLIGHT theatertechniek BV. "The PL3 is a welcome addition to our rental stock and to the lighting professional's fixture palette," says Alders. "Not only do they meet the everyday challenges of illuminating stages and studios, but they also demand considerably less energy than a comparable 1.2K Fresnel. I'm delighted with the PL3s and was even more delighted when they immediately went out on hire to Dutch National TV, a live event and a theatre show!"PL3 LED Wash Luminaire

To complement the purchase of the PL3s, HA-Rental has also invested in a number of low voltage (80V) 1200W Philips Selecon Pacific along with some 800W Philips Selecon SPX luminaires. "Replacing 2000 and 2500 watt fixtures with the Philips Selecon 80V 1200W Pacific High Performance profiles really makes sense," Says Alders. "They considerably reduce power consumption without compromising on light output. The SPX luminaires easily equal the crisp, white light expected from a much larger, power hungry 1.5kW fixture. The fixtures deliver high definition pattern projection as well as the colour results today's lighting designers expect from their filter choices."

Grant Bales Smith, Philips Entertainment Sales Manager for UK, Scandinavia & Benelux says: "Reducing the environmental impact of our activities without compromising on product capability is an important issue for Philips Entertainment Lighting. We are delighted to see rental companies adopting the same philosophy. We wish Hans and HA-Rental the very best with the new Philips Selecon fixtures and with the ongoing mission to reduce the entertainment industry's impact on the environment."