More Light

Selecon design engineers combine the latest in compact, long life arc lamps with axial configuration and custom lens to deliver leading performance.

Precise Operation

Adjustable pattern holder for quick, accurate alignment of your pattern image.
Easy focus action, no metal to metal contact.
Heat-insulated rear grab handle assists with focusing.  

All White

White Astral Axials are just that = cable, knobs, handles, even the pattern holder handles.


    • Long life (15,000hrs), efficient, single ended CDM-T Elite ceramic type discharge lamp 70W or 150W, 3,000°K or 4,000°K colour temperature.
    • Short Arc high output 150W version delivers 50% more light in the beam.
    • Available in 18°-34° or 24°-44° beam angles, interchangeable without the use of tools.
    • Electronic power supply.
    • Aluminium extrusion and precision die-casting construction give strength and style.


    • White Astral Axial Zoomspots feature white cable, knobs and handles. Internal surfaces are painted black to maintain best projection performance.
    • Easy focus action due to Selecon’s unique posi-slide lens focus system, incorporating brass and engineering plastic bearings to avoid same metal-to-metal contact.
    • Light distribution is simply altered from smooth and flat for gobo projection to high intensity peak for stage washes using the rear planetary gear mechanism. To learn more about light distribution across the beam click here.
    • Slot provided for iris or rotatable (35°) pattern holder and motorised pattern rotator.
    • Pattern holders rotate in the gate for fast image alignment. The pattern is held securely around its circumference by a spring clamp to minimise heat distortion of the image.


    • Large heat-insulated rear grab handle assists with focusing and also doubles as a handy cable coil.
    • ‘Swing-down’ door for easy access to lamp or lens cleaning without breaking focus.
    • Easy, quick access to clean lenses or change lens systems. No tools required.
    • Captive shutters with generous size handles offer wider degrees of masking control and easy beam shaping.


    • Automatic disconnection of the mains supply via microswitch when the lamp module is removed for relamping.
    • Track / ceiling mount or yoke only.

    Supplied with

    • 1x colour frame, 1x suspension bolt set and short form instruction manual.
    • Three-year Warranty.

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