Wide Variety of Wattages Available

Some with IRC technology which reduces energy consumption.

Linear halogen lamps are an established favourite for general display lighting.

The Total Package

Full IES and ILLUMUDAT data files available.

Supplied with lamp.

Selecon Allen Key hand tool.

Integrated hinged safety glass.


    • Visually even wash of light with high colour rendering to evenly illuminate walls 3m and higher.
      Linear halogen lamps deliver a warm white well-controlled beam.
    • Beam edges are well defined but "soft" allowing adjacent beams to blend together without distracting highlights.
    • Light output is sufficient to allow for the use of colour filters.
    • Heat management system removes heat from lamp / lamp sockets / reflector assembly to deliver the lowest cost of ownership.
    • Integrated stylish design with minimal visual impact on the architectural space.


    • High build quality – combination of pressure die castings; machined brass components and aluminium extrusions.
    • Repeatability of performance is guaranteed through the extruded reflector design.
    • Full IES and ILLUMUDAT performance files available to download.
    • Precision tilt and pan lock off adjustment and reference scale allowing for standardised set up and operation.
    • Four-flap masking barndoor accessory with integrated colour filter holder for either glass or plastic filters. Interior barndoor flaps are painted black to effectively mask the light with exterior sides in the matching luminaire colour.

    Supplied with

    • Osram 200W linear tungsten halogen lamp; easy dimming capability.
    • Allen key.
    • Three-year Warranty.


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