Small display flood with a smooth even beam delivers maximum illumination at eye level

Designed to provide a visually even wash of light for either individual subject flood lighting or continuous wall washes for museum, gallery, retail and residential lighting applications. The Aureol Fresco Flood features a unique custom designed asymmetric reflector that collects much of the light output and redirects it to produce a visually even wash of light from a ceiling mount position.

A choice of mains voltage linear halogen (60W, 75W, 100W, 150W) lamps provides a wide range of light levels at full colour rendering. Positioned 1200mm from a 3m high wall and spaced 1500mm apart the Aureol Fresco Flood provides a visually even wash of light down to 700mm approx. from the floor i.e. in the critical viewing area.

NZ IES Lighting Awards 2003-04alt
Luminaire Design Awards
Award of Excellence

Judge's Comment: "The elegant style and versatility of this miniature floodlight should appeal to designers seeking sophistication and excellence in such equipment for a wide range of applications. The clean compact style should ensure acceptance in international markets."


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The Aureol line, with its Fresco Flood and BeamSpot fixtures fit the bill precisely with small form factors, sleek design and simply beautiful light quality that really made the display 'pop'.
The consistent edge of the Fresco Flood allowed for a precisely aligned focus, while an amazingly even field meant that no one photograph received more attention than another.

Nicholas Phillips, Lighting Designer for Tales of Texas, USA

The Selecon difference

Delivering the Light Levels You Require

Wide choice of mains light sources allows for the required light level without the need for dimming and consequential degradation of colour rendering in a small and discreet luminaire.