LDI 2010 Sees Thousands Visit Philips Entertainment

02 November 2010,

the Philips Entertainment booth - busy, busy

LDI 2010 brought the Philips Entertainment Group to the Las Vegas Convention Center in October and together, Strand Lighting, Vari-lite, Selecon, Color Kinetics, and Philips Lamps displayed over a dozen our new and exciting products under one roof. The space was lit by Jon Featherstone and Austin Shapley of LightSwitch who did a magnificent job in showing off each brand. The overall lighting design called for multiple PL1, PL3, SPX, LekoLite, VARI*LITE 1000s, 1100s, 2500s, 3000s, 3500s and VLX luminaires as well as over 100 Color Kinetics IW, TRX Blaze and Blast products which worked to complement not only the architectural structure of the booth but highlighted each display perfectly creating and maintaining true synergy between each of our brands.

With hundreds of visitors through the colourful Philips Entertainment booth frequent product demonstrations and training sessions were performed.

Stephen Fairweather from Philips Selecon demonstrates the features and benefits of the SPX ellipsoidal

The Selecon SPX was met with highly favorable responses. People loved this new theatrical luminaire that has no light leak and reduced side glare at the front. The shutter lock, the ease of lens tube swap as well as the other features like planetary gear focus, and mains cut off system kept the audience coming back for more. All were extremely impressed with the light output and were delighted to hear how much brighter it was than the current industry bench mark.

the PL1 being demonstrated....again!!The Philips Selecon PL1 and PL3 responses were very positive. Everyone loved the single shadow and the light output of the PL1. On the Show floor the PL1 was demonstrated utilizing Apple's Ipad wireless technology. In addition The ease of control and color mixing system blew away the audience from the luminaire's saturation to the softness of the pastels. The barn door on the PL1 was a great asset in llustrating the superior quality of the light and resembling the incandescent look that designers are familiar with.

LDI 2010 was a huge success for the entire Philips Entertainment family and we were delighted with the response to our new innovative products shown across each brand. The indicative success of any trade show is the level interest that your products generate on and off the show floor and almost a week after the show has closed the amount of email and calls that we are receiving about these great new tools is astounding!


DOWNLOAD the full Show Report here, as written by Pete Borchetta.