Iconic Bolshoi Theatre Takes Delivery of Philips Selecon Stage Lighting

26 October 2010,

The world-famous Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, national theatre of Russia and home to the Bolshoi Ballet, the Bolshoi Ballet Academy and the Bolshoi Opera, is presently closed to its millions of annual visitors while undergoing extensive renovations. The doors were shut to the main building in 2005 and it is scheduled to reopen in a year's time. The Theatre has undergone many renovations in its time, but nothing anywhere near as major as this undertaking which is estimated at US$730 million and is being entirely funded by the federal government.

Early in October 110 cartons packed with new lighting equipment left the Philips Selecon Auckland factory in New Zealand journeyed halfway around the world ready to take part in this crucial preservation project. In all, 561 Philips Selecon luminaires will grace the lighting rigs for the grand stage of the Bolshoi Theatre when it opens its doors in October 2011.

The renovation of the Bolshoi is aimed at preservation of the historic architectural ensemble of the theatre. The goal of the stage equipment renovation is to facilitate the creation of the world-class productions at the Bolshoi and to bring their stage equipment and technology to the level that meets the demands and exceeds the expectations of the world's leading conductors, directors, designers and choreographers.

As well as a wide range of Hui / Lui / Aurora Cycs and Floods the Bolshoi's technical team has specified 70x Pacific ellipsoidals (20° Fixed Beams, 5.5°-13° and 12°-28° Zoomspot models) complete with the direct DMX 80V 1200W Philips Selecon power supply. Chosen for their highly desirable intense, 'pure' white light and the considerable reduction in energy requirements this unique power supply provides an important new tool for our lighting designers while contributing to reducing the energy demands we place on our planet.

Philips Selecon is proud to have been chosen to play a part in the stage lighting restoration of one of the oldest and most renowned theatres; bringing it back to the world-class status that matches that of its 3,000 strong company of dancers, singers, chorus members, musicians, technicians, pupils and teachers who all work so hard towards the advancement of world theatre while preserving the glorious traditions of the Russian opera and ballet.