Luminaire Appliance Testing (PAT)

icon-pdfEarth Continuity Testing for Philips Selecon luminaires - download a .pdf document here which shows the test point locations on all Selecon luminaires (233kb).

icon-pdfFor further information on the Philips Selecon Pacific range – please refer to the Manufacturer's Statement.

Philips Selecon icon-pdfPacific MSR – please refer to the relevant Operation Manual via the Support section.



Philips Selecon Pacific 80V models:

There are no special requirements for PAT testing these units ... normal testing procedures apply. Bond phase and neutral together and test between this and ground. Note that for the test procedure to be valid, the supply should have a head connected  because the safety loop and the microswitch in the head is part of the phase supply circuit.

Any automatic test instrument should do all this anyway.