Trongate 103: see art, make art and enjoy being creative

15 October 2009,

Glasgow's new Trongate 103 Gallery goals mirror our own passion for performance lighting. This stunning new exhibition space is lit to the highest display standards with a very low energy footprint.

Jim Ewen, Arts Centre Technician at this brand new arts resource centre in Scotland relates how he came across Philips Selecon's new Wing range of performance wall washer floods: "Trongate 103's official launch was coming up on September 12th and I was at Northern Light's festival showcase in August looking for some architectural lighting to illuminate the exhibits. After consulting with the team from Northern Light and seeing the fixtures in action, I realised that the Selecon Wing 35W metal halide Wall Washers would be absolutely perfect for our needs."

Philips Selecon dealer Northern Light has since provided a total of 142 Selecon Wing Wall Washers in architectural white for installation across a range of spaces within the six storey former warehouse.

Barclay Dakers, Head of Retail with Northern Light, said: "The client was looking for a versatile fixture which offered even coverage and reduced power consumption. The Selecon Wing is specifically designed to give a high output and exceptionally even light coverage, making these fixtures ideal for this project."

Philips Selecon is delighted to have been able to deliver a versatile, low energy consumption lighting solution to suit Trongate 103's creative environment; all in a low profile, unobtrusive design which focuses all the attention on the artists and their works.