Philips Strand System Builder

What is Strand System Builder?

Philips Strand System BuilderTMis a FREE lighting controls design software tool that facilitates design, and specification of Strand Lighting control products. This simple-to-use program guides users step-by-step through the process of selecting the right lighting control solution to fit any need - from architectural to theatrical - and everything in between. Best of all - Strand System Builder is a free to download and use!

*Strand System BuilderTM supports 120 and 230 volt dimming systems.

This powerful and intuitive tool becomes an international solution for lighting designers, specifiers, technicians and consultants allowing the selection of luminaires, dimming and control products for any region of the globe.

The addition of the Philips Selecon line of luminaires makes Philips Strand System BuilderTM the only design tool currently available with a full line of theatrical lighting luminaires. The Acclaim, Rama, Pacific, Arena, Hui, and Aurora product families have been integrated into a completely re-designed Luminaire Wizard to help users pick the correct luminaire for their specific application. The inclusion of EC21, WallRack and the rest of the Strand 230V product catalogue make Philips Strand System BuilderTM a worldwide tool for reference and system design.

A user-friendly interface and product wizards means you do not have to know catalogue or part numbers and simple input or import of load schedules will automatically generate dimmer, relay and emergency transfer system hardware requirements. SSB will also produce the project bill of materials, one-line diagrams, standard product drawings, written specifications as well as data sheets to presentation quality colour PDF standards which can be personalised with your logo and company information.

A detailed product reference library includes catalogues, product photos, data sheets, manuals and more PLUS a "Learn More" section includes dozens of technical white papers.

Once you have SSB installed on your PC (be warned however, the initial download is 483meg and it may take some time) and have signed up to receive the regular updates via email then it's quick and simple to keep the program up to date.

"I downloaded this program called System Builder from the website and it allowed me to design it up, create the bill of materials and output drawings for the electrician. There is no Engineer on the job. We're a small school outside of the GTA and we'd like to purchase this now."
SSB helps a secondary school teacher in the USA.

Click here to be directed to the download on the Philips Strand Lighting website for your FREE copy of Strand System BuilderTM. Version 4 released 11th July 2012.

Strand System BuilderTM runs on 32-Bit Windows XP/Vista based PC platforms.