How Bright is Bright

Mike Wood Consulting LLC provides consulting support to companies within the entertainment industry on technology strategy, R&D, standards and Intellectual Property. A 25-year veteran of the entertainment technology industry, Mike is the Treasurer and Immediate Past President of ESTA.

Mike has written a series of articles under the title "How Bright is Bright?" which, as they are published in Protocol magazine will be eyes_052made available here on the Selecon website:

  • Part 1 : Brightness looks at some of the concerns with the human vision system and judging brightness and contrast.

    icon-pdf Click here to view this article in .pdf format (Summer 2006)

  • Part 2 : Contrast sees Mike try and apply this to lights and lighting to see if knowing how our own vision works can help us evaluate lighting.

    icon-pdf Click here to view this article in .pdf format (Fall 2006)

  • Part 3 : Three Dimensions explores the fact that we live in a 3-D world but each of our eyes can only see in 2-D, how do our brains deal with that?

    icon-pdfClick here to view this article in .pdf format (Winter 2007)

  • Part 4 : Color delves into color vision: classical color theory, color constancy, color in 3-D etc.

    icon-pdf Click here to view this article in .pdf format (Spring 2007)

Following on from this four-part How Bright is Bright series of articles Mike received a number of questions which he felt meant that he should revisit a couple of issues; here is the first coda: 

•  How Bright is Bright: Coda 1, Definitions - details some practical thoughts as to how to measure lighting in a logical and repeatable manner using just normal tools.

icon-pdfClick here to view this article in .pdf format (Summer 2007)

We believe that Mike Wood explains these complex topics succinctly and clearly and are pleased to be able to bring them to your attention with his very kind permission.