Selecon at the National School of Drama in New Delhi

14 July 2009,

On the 10th April, 2009 Selecon was invited to present a seminar together with Neil Fraser to local industry professionals, lighting designers and consultants and lighting design students in their final year at the National School of Drama in New Delhi.

"The opportunity to invite Selecon to come and re-introduce themselves to the National School of Drama in New Delhi was a fantastic chance for me to reverse roles. In the past Selecon has very kindly supplied me to talk to interested parties in China, Russia, The Netherlands and across the UK - on this occasion I had been invited to spend two weeks teaching final year students about Lighting Design and it made sense for me to take advantage of my close links with Selecon to get them to come and talk about their excellent products and the research that goes into them to my Indian students.

The invite had come to me from the Dean of the NSD, Abhilash Pillai - who, as a graduate of RADA's technical training, became a great friend when he was on the course many years ago. So on the final day of my two weeks both myself and Tony Tan from Selecon spoke to both students and industry people about what we do. Tony also came armed with the gift of two instruments for the school - a very generous gesture. It proved an excellent way to end my time in Delhi and I can't wait to go back."

Neil Fraser
Director of Technical Training
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, London, United Kingdom

Photo: Selecon's Tony Tan (centre) presenting the Dean of National School of Drama at New Delhi, Mr Abhilash Pillai (left in the teal shirt) with an Acclaim Fresnel.

On behalf of the school Mr Abhilash Pillai thanked Selecon and Tony for the generous gift of 2 Acclaim Fresnels and he looks forward to developing this relationship further.

Banner image: Neil Fraser (centre in the white shirt) with Tony Tan and Mr Pillai to his right with students and the resident theatre technician on both sides.