Focus on the HUI Cyc, Flood & Groundrow range

30 June 2009,

Intense colour washes, seamless blending and more light where you want it....

200W-1000W award-winning cyc / flood range for illuminating 6m/20ft high cyc and back cloths and general area illumination.

"The design of the Hui Cyc is well thought-through and addresses many of our issues with cyc light strips (such as on-site configuration of rigid, low-profile ground rows, safety glass screens, durable construction, configurable connector panels, and more)."

Judge's comment, Eddy Award for 2005 Lighting Product of the Year

Since its introduction the Hui Cyc and Flood range have become a popular choice for lighting cycs and backcloths aorund the continent.

Performance Advantages:
• Smooth, well controlled beam.
• Consistency of performance, control, shape and distribution guaranteed by the extruded aluminium reflector design
• Access for re-lamping (with automatic main power supply disconnection) without removing the colour filter or breaking focus.
• Colour filter holder is held securely by a spring-hinged extruded cover that also blocks unwanted light spill.
• The unique dual chamber airflow design uses a temperature differential and rapid airflow to quickly remove heat to maximise the life of your colour filters.
• Robust construction withstands the rigours of touring or the busiest venue.
• Secure focus lock-off with proven tilt-lock clamp.
• Simple cyc to groundrow conversion or create your own battens using the Hui slot lock joint system that allows a number of units to be ‘locked' together
• A model for all applications - single units plus 3-way and 4-way battens. Available with multi-connectors, and options for in/out cable tails or in/out multi-connectors.

"The Floods worked a treat and I was very impressed with every aspect of the unit - easy lamp access, color frame access, lack of unwanted light spill, even coverage, intensity. I love to have the intensity of brightness/color and even distribution at my disposal. Even deep colors seemed to fill the cyc from top to bottom - most impressive. I shall certainly be specifying these units in the future.

Mark Dymock, Lighting Designer