A functional, energy-saving solution for theatrical lighting - 80V 1200W Power System

29 June 2009,

Delivering "...devastatingly bright and clear, crisp white"* light for less power

Selecon has pioneered the use of lower voltage luminaires for today's modern theatre. Combining the advantages of bright, pure white light that is simply to control and precise, with up to a 50% reduction in power consumption all from a luminaire that is smaller and weighs less.

The Selecon 1.2kW 80V Pacific range delivers the high light output of traditional mains voltage 2.5kW / 2.0kW profiles while the 1.2kW 80V Rama 175 High Performance Fresnel delivers a beam with the appearance of a 2.0kW Fresnel.

Along with the convenience, performance advantages, energy saving and reduction in luminaire size and weight Selecon's 80V DMX Power System allows for significant capital cost savings on a venue's permanent dimming and air conditioning systems.

These features have already been recognised and adopted by a number of notable Australian venues who have committed to reducing their emissions for a smaller carbon footprint through progressive stage lighting decisions.

Over 300 80V Power Systems have been supplied to leading Australian theatres over the past two years, including the Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Ipswich Civic Theatre, Redlands Performing Arts Centre, Mackay Entertainment Centre, Sydney Opera House, NIDA, Hillsong Church, Channel 9-Sydney, Newcastle Civic Theatre, Tamworth Musical Society, Wagga Civic Theatre, Sutherland Entertainment Centre, Chameleon Touring, Melbourne Convention Centre, Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre and to the Clearlight Shows and Pro Design hire departments.

If you do the maths, based on each of these units replacing a 2kW luminaire (saving 800W each time), and assume each one is used 18 x a month, for four hours that's a 17,280,000W of energy saving for Australia each month. It's purely an example but you get the picture....

The Queensland Performing Arts Centre in Brisbane, Australia (banner image) recently completed a major renovation of its 1800-seat Concert Hall.

As part of the stage lighting upgrade Selecon supplied 74x Pacific 80V Zoomspots (7.5º -19º and 14º -35º models) via local dealer The Production Shop which have replaced the larger and hungrier Selecon Arena 2.5kW Zoomspots.

These Pacific 80V luminaires will be added to the existing inventory of 24x Pacific 80V luminaires making the entire Concert Hall FOH lighting system Selecon 80V Pacifics.

The standard dimmer to dimmer 80V Power System on the original 24 luminaires has been replaced with the latest DMX direct mains power supply model which removes the need for a dimmer while fitting into industry distribution systems for moving lights i.e. a mains power circuit and DMX network; an instant saving in rigging and labour costs.

"Newcastle's Civic Theatre may be 75 years old but it is light years ahead in energy efficient illumination thanks to Selecon", Dave Grinstead, Operations Director.

In 2005 the Civic Precinct Technical Services Team at the Civic Theatre in Newcastle, NSW presented an electrical energy-saving submission which detailed the environmental and financial benefits that replacing their aging, maintenance-intensive 2.5kW front of house stage lighting instruments with new energy-efficient luminaires would bring to their Theatre. They argued that this potential replacement of half of their total FOH lighting rig would result in increased illumination with 48% less power consumption.

Between 2005 and 2007 the theatre replaced all 50 of their FOH lighting rig with 1200W 80V Pacifics.

Since then the City of Newcastle has compiled and released an Electricity Consumption Graphs report which shows electricity usages click here for the full case study.

Australia's electricity generation produces one third of its greenhouse gas emissions, of which almost 100% is the result of carbon dioxide produced through coal combustion at 24 coal-fired power stations

Through the forward-thinking of the Technical Services Team at the Civic Theatre it is quite clear that they are doing their part to help with Australia's contribution to global warming as greenhouse gas emissions dropped from a 932 tonnes high in 2005/06 to a 431 tonnes recording for 2007/08!

"These things are great. In terms of function, economy, colour temperature and every other parameter I can think of, I could happily use them to light every show I do forever."*

*Quotes taken from an independent Selecon 80V Power System review conducted by Andy Mackenzie of CX magazine, Australia. Click here to download the complete article from the June 2009 issue.