Līvāni Cultural Centre gets new stage lighting and control during renovation

Project Report: Līvāni Cultural Centre, Latvia
Supplied by: Arturs Landsbergs from "SGS Sistemas" Ltd

Līvāni is situated in central Latvia at the junction of the Dubna and Daugava rivers, approximately 170km east of Riga, the capital. In 2007 full reconstruction of the Līvāni Cultural Centre commenced and SGS Sistemas specified and won the contract to supply and install the technical and lighting equipment for the venue's main stage.

Although seating in the venue is limited to about 600 seats the 12x12m stage is very large and this, combined with the 14m height meant that a comprehensive set-up was required (in keeping with the budgets of course). At the completion of the project the town of Līvāni now has a re-vamped Cultural Centre with state of the art stage lighting and technical systems.

Product List:

Selecon Rama 150 Fresnels x24 pcs
Selecon Rama 150 PCs x22 pcs
Selecon Rama 175 PCs  x4 pcs (used for long throw from balcony)
Selecon Pacific 14-35 Zoomspots x16 pcs
Selecon Aurora 4-way Cycs x4 pcs

DTS Par 64 cans x16 pcs

Strand Lighting Wallrack 24x2.5 kW in basement 3pcs
Strand Lighting 6 Pack 6x2.3 kW on stage 1pcs

Network and control

MA Lighting grandMA Micro console
MA Lighting DMX booster on stage

Stage Technics:

8 pipes each 250 kg max load manual winch
4 trusses each 500 kg max load electrical winch
1 electric curtain track