Secrets Revealed: The Backstage Mysteries of the Auckland Museum take centre stage in the Exhibition Hall

Not many people know that hidden backstage at the Auckland Museum are 98% of the close to 5 million objects the Museum has been caring for throughout its history, many of which have never seen the light of day. Until now....

When the unexpected cancellation of the Vatican Exhibition left the Museum with an empty Exhibition Hall these objects seized the chance of a lifetime, left their new state-of-the-art storage areas under Auckland Museum’s new Dome and marched upstairs.

However, instead of showing themselves by so-called categories, they decided that they would not just share their stories, but they would also reveal just what happens to them when they get to the Museum.

In doing so they would take the initiative of exhibiting themselves in the most original manner and create a show as never before.

From uncrating, through registration and research, to storage and finally display the way we collect, study and care for our treasures are exposed in Secrets Revealed: The Backstage Mysteries of your Museum.


Client Auckland Museum
Lighting Designer Francois Roupinian
Photography Courtesy of the Auckland Museum
Photographer Krzysztof Pfeiffer

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