Selecon Display Profile - imagery, texture, depth and shape through light

31 March 2009,

Selecon is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Selecon Display Profile; a sophisticated lighting instrument which combines the key functionality of theatrical luminaires such as effective beam control, beam quality (little visible spill outside the beam; centre peak to allow highlighting and visually ‘even' overlapping of the light beam) and colour with precision beam shaping and pattern projection to museums, galleries and commercial interior spaces.

Designed around the core principles of precision, performance, simplicity and safety, the new Selecon Display Profile combines high light output and superb beam quality using an efficient ellipsoidal light collection system with the capability to manage and maintain design specifications, consistency and control.

Developed in response to customer requests for a higher light output projector the Selecon Display profile delivers up to three times the light output of the popular Aureol BeamSpot / BeamShaper range. The advantages of these precision projection optics used with patterns, dichroic, glass and plastic filters allow you to add imagery, logos, texture, colour, depth and shape through light.

Allen key lock offs and reference scales for all adjustments (pan, tilt and zoom lens system) offers the means to effectively assure the integrity of the original lighting design. Additional design features include a rotating lens tube for accurate shutter cut alignments which can be surely locked off once set; the ribbed interior allows for secure mounting of plastic, glass and dichroic filters; the lamp housing and the lens housing both open right out for easy re-lamping, cleaning and maintenance.

The luminaire is supplied with an internally rotatable pattern holder with external image alignment for use with "E" size stainless steel or glass patterns.

Engineered from pressure die-castings manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium, available in two beam angles ranges: 15-35 and 25-50 with a choice of long life 20W (12,000 average life hours) or 35W (6,000 average life hours) CDM and 12V tungsten halogen (4,000 average life hours) light sources the SDP comes in black, white and silver grey finishes with a choice of mounting options (track, ceiling rose, half coupler and hookclamp).