Chuncheon Cultural and Arts Centre updates its lighting rig with 100x Arena Fresnels

Located several hours journey from Seoul, the City of Chuncheon is the capital of Korea's Gangwon-do Province. Surrounded by lakes, the city's beautiful scenery makes it a popular destination for tourists.

As well as its natural charms, Chuncheon has a well deserved international reputation for the numerous arts festivals it hosts throughout the year.

2008 was a special year for Chuncheon City as there were a number of cultural milestones.

It was the 100th birthday of noted Korean novelist Kim Yu-jeong who was born in the city, the 20th year of the Chuncheon International Festival and 10th anniversary of the Chuncheon International Theatre Festival.

The Chuncheon International Theatre Festival had its inaugural year in 1993 and was held once in every three years until 2002 when the Festival became an annual event. In recent years, participation in the Festival has grown to include substantial numbers of international performing arts companies.

In 2007, the CITF had performers from a total 37 different troupes and organizations from various countries of the world including Japan, France, Brazil, Belgium and Singapore.

As one of the principal venues for the festival Chuncheon Cultural and Arts Centre was recently supplied with a hundred Selecon Arena Fresnels by Selecon's dealer in Korea, Tongsuh Technologies.


Client Chuncheon Cultural and Arts Centre
Selecon Dealer Tongsuh Technologies

Products used

100 x Arena 7°-60° Theatre Fresnel

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