Radisson Hotel chooses Selecon for metal spheres illumination

When the owners of the new Radisson Hotel in Sandton, South Africa were looking for excellent lighting consultants for their new project, the Sandton Isle, the obvious choice was to contract both Joao Vegas from Paul Pamboukian and Associates and Declan Randall from Congo Blue Design.

Just as obvious a choice for Joao and Declan when fixing on a solution, was to look to the Selecon Acclaim range of discharge luminaires which they had both used successfully on past projects.

Their brief was to light up the public areas of the Sandton Isle, including lighting a range of metal spheres in a towering atrium reaching 11 storeys high. The luminaires had to be totally inconspicuous and able to provide real punch through the vast space.

Based on price-to-performance and running costs, Joao and Declan selected 8x 150W CDM metal halide Astral Axial Zoomspots to light the steel spheres, with the addition of gobos on some of the units to provide break-up patterns on the ceilings and walls.

To complement the white fittings and and make the installation as unobtrusive as possible, Joao and Declan asked Electrosonic to provide custom-made whilte L-shaped brackets with internal wiring.

Although the brackets went through numerous design and sample changes, a satisfactory solution was eventually achieved and the lighting result was everything that Joao, Declan and the client had hoped it would be.

Story and image courtesy of Electrosonic, Selecon's dealer for South Africa.


Client the Radisson Sandton Isle
Lighting Consultants Joao Vegas from Paul Pamboukian and Associates and Declan Randall from Congo Blue Design
Selecon Dealer Electrosonic SA

Products used

8 x Astral Axial 18°-34° Zoomspot

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