Children and Youth Theatre in Kemerovo, Siberia fits lobby theatre with white Acclaim Fresnels

01 March 2009,

The Children and Youth Theatre located in the West Siberian city of Kemerovo finally realized their long-standing dream for a "Theatre in the Lobby" when Sistema, a Selecon dealer based in Moscow, supplied the required stage lighting for the project in the Autumn of 2008.

This unusual performance space was planned to be open four years ago when the theatre construction was completed but due to deadline and other technical and design problems it wasn't, however all the electrical wiring and dimming channels were put in place.

With the aim of expanding the artistic potential of the Children and Youth Theatre the lobby windows and stairwells were darkened and cumbersome trusses that had originally been part of the plan were replaced with custom mounted Selecon Acclaim Fresnels. Supplied in Selecon's high temperature white paint finish which will not discolour over time these Fresnels blend discreetly into the surroundings above the stage area.

The premiere of K. Goldoni's play, "A New House" ("La Casa Nova") was presented on the 30th of October 2008 with future plans for more theatrical endeavours supporting young actors and directors; music, poetry, entertainment and game shows.

All photography courtesy of Sistema.