Pacifics help with Sunrise for Channel 7

These days it is popular practice for news studios to make extensive use of large monitors and video walls situated behind or to the side of the presenters. Separately lighting the set pieces which surround these screens and the news team without causing distracting reflections and light interfering with the screen picture is a major challenge, beyond the capability of traditional Fresnel lens or fluorescent luminaire solutions.

Leading broadcaster Channel 7 in Sydney, Australia is among many recent converts to the advantages of Pacific luminaires compared to other profiles for use in news studio lighting following a recent upgrade to their multi-purpose studio that produces the nightly news, current affairs and the award-winning Sunrise programmes.

Extensive evaluations with Selecon product resulted in the installation of ten Pacific MSR 575 14º-35º Zoomspots each fitted with a Pacific Dowser dimming accessory and ten Pacific 14º-35º tungsten Zoomspots.

Roger Hind from Theatricks Lighting in Sydney provided all of the demonstration samples and all the new luminaires were supplied through Herkes Pro Lighting, Selecon's exclusive distributor in NSW.

The Pacific MSR luminaires are used as key lights with the smooth performance of the Pacific Dowser delivering effective dimming with no shift in the colour temperature even when dimmed to a 10% output.

Paul Lewis, the studio's Lighting Director commented favourably on the very even dimming with no aberrations across the beam through the complete dimming range. This is an important consideration for this studio which is open to the outside world on two sides and the Pacific Dowsers allow for the studio lighting levels to be varied as the daylight levels change.

Additionally, two Pacific 45º-75º Zoomspots are focused on the rear projection screen behind the presenters covering the entire screen to provide both blue and green screen options. These Pacific 1kW tungsten luminaires are used to light the set pieces for warmth, matching the colour temperature of other studio luminaires.

The choice of light sources (discharge and tungsten), the ease of the true peak to flat beam distribution adjustment and precision beam control unique to the Selecon Pacific range provide effective solutions to these studio lighting challenges.


Client Channel 7
Selecon Dealer Herkes Pro Lighting with Theatricks Lighting

Products used

20 x Pacific 14°-35° Zoomspot

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