100 Pacifics face 'the mob' for "1 vs 100" quiz show

"1 vs 100" is an international television gameshow hit in Sweden, Belgium, Holland (where it originated), Germany, Argentina, Portugal, the USA and the United Kingdom.

Picked up by Hungary's TV2 and made under international licence by local TV production company INTERAKTIV Ltd who, not having enough of the right lights in the quantity required, turned to local rental companies for assistance. Making the biggest contribution was LUX-MIX Ltd whose director László Königer consulted RENT-A-SPOT Ltd. and LISYS Lighting Systems Co., the Hungarian distributors of Selecon theatrical and display lighting equipment.

The main criteria for this television studio requirement consisted of luminaires which were easy to handle with variable beam angles; good lighting efficacy (with reduced power consumption); protection of the supplementary articles (for example the colour gels) and a long guarantee period which in Selecon's case equals 3 years.

After an extensive period of comparative testing Lux-Mix Ltd decided to invest in 100x Pacific 12-28° 600/800W Zoomspots which, as well as satisfying the above criteria, delivered positive test lighting results while looking great and fitting well within the available studio space.

This makes Lux-Mix Ltd the only rental company in Hungary with such a large quantity of conventional elleipsoidal luminaires and they look forward to using them in many future projects.






Client LUX-MIX Ltd
Selecon Dealers LISYS Lighting Systems Co.

Products used

100 x Pacific 12°-28° Zoomspot

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