Aureol Beamshapers illuminate dynamic ceramic installation

The Waikato Museum is proud to support The Waiclay Team National Ceramics Award 2008 and in doing so help promote excellence in claywork. This year's exhibition will feature the work of the finalists and also the work of several key guest artists: Peter Collis, Penny Ericson, Wi Taepa, Mike O'Donnell, Barry Brickell, Mark Mitchell and Peter Lange.

New Zealand lighting designer David Eversfield ( took up the challenge to light a dynamic ceramic skeletal bottle installation for the artist
Peter Collis.

Deciding to use 8x Aureol BeamShapers fitted with Color Kinetics MRg2 LED
lamps for hard edge effects and 20 additional MRg2s as wash fittings David commented, "The Aureols provide excellent beam control and surprising results when combined with colour mixing LED fittings."

Appearing almost to 'dance' this dynamic installation is presented in a ten minute show where visitors experience and explore the internal and external form of the bottle playing on rotation (the sequence is controlled by the MagicQ console from Chamsys) in a purpose built exhibition space within the Waikato Museum.

Photos by Brodie Quinn