Westin Hotels invite you to "Unwind" using Selecon, Apollo package supplied by Barbizon

08 December 2008,

Barbizon is providing all Westin/Starwood Hotels with a lighting package - a Selecon Pacific Zoomspot with 575W Cap and a Bogen Avenger stand being the key items -  that will allow them to project an an Apollo custom gobo image (right, courtesy of Apollo) aimed at advertising a new campaign. Barbizon Charlotte provided The Westin Malta with the original package which will be implemented throughout the USA and other countries where the hotel chain has properties.

Westin Hotels & Resorts has launched a new signature social experience, Unwind... A Westin Evening Ritual, featuring the tastes, sights and sounds of each destination.

From lessons on mixing a Bellini in Venice to learning about fine Scottish Whisky in Turnberry to whipping up a spicy batch of guacamole in Tucson, each of the Westin brand's 129 hotels worldwide have curated social experiences which are rolling out in hotels over the next month.

Designed to bring new energy to its hotels, the Westin Unwind events aim to transform each lobby into a gathering spot, encouraging guests to socialize and helping to combat the loneliness many travelers sometimes experience on the road.

"By transforming our lobbies from a place guests pass through to an inviting social and sensory setting, Westin hopes to provide a richer guest experience, where guests can indulge, socialize and maybe even learn a new skill to bring home courtesy of each destination," said Sue Brush, senior vice president, Westin Hotels & Resorts. "If we can provide our guests with a place to relax at the end of the day, lift their spirits and perhaps meet new people in a warm environment, we believe we are doing our job well."