Yes, you are on the right website!

20 November 2008,

Selecon is pleased to announce the launch of their completely redesigned website this week - the contemporary, user-friendly and elegantly designed interface brings the company's extensive range of both theatrical and display lighting products together in one place.

This amalgamation of the Selecon and ARDIIS brands reflects Selecon's recent review of its purpose, vision, inspiration, principles and culture. Many will be pleased to note that drop-down menus are now a thing of the past!

Navigation around the wide range of product information and support together with the extensive technical and educational resources that the site contains has been made simpler and easier. Each product has a tailored layout which is split into four tabs - overview, features, specifications which includes access to all product support downloads plus the Selecon lighting calculator, and accessories so you can quickly access the information you require or learn about the product at your own pace.

New back-end enhancements allow for a more flexible operation of the Selecon site with a new ‘search' function on products by either family name or luminaire type via the Support section in the main menu bar.

This powerful function is a one-click way to pull a quick overview, lighting calculator, specifications, downloads, related products and accessories together in one place for the product which is of interest to you.

News and Showcase items now feature large banner images on all items which bring a new level of sophistication and interest to these sections while Resources delivers everything Selecon from the Switched On educational support section to items of technical and product support to a Knowledge Bank of items of interest and learning to Getting Started to Lighting for Worship and much more!