Sponsored book signing, workshop and demo room all part of the Selecon experience at WFX 2008

19 November 2008,

Earlier this month Selecon exhibited at the WFX Tradeshow in Houston, TX which was held at the George R. Brown Convention Center. This Worship Facilities Expo is designed to educate and help the church executive, facilities managers and technical teams learn more about the ever changing lighting, sound and new technology in our industry.

The Selecon Booth remained steady for both days but the real winner for us was the demo room designed by Peter Maurelli (right) in collaboration with Tobin Neis from Barbizon Lighting and other key people and manufacturers.

This demo room provided "one on one" training and included a book signing and workshop by lighting designer Richard Cadena (banner image) who commented,

"When Scott Church asked me to sign copies of my book, ‘Lighting Design for Modern Houses of Worship,' in the Selecon booth at WFX, I was honored. But having had the opportunity to use Selecon fixtures in some previous lighting designs, I felt very comfortable giving them more of an endorsement and I suggested a lighting workshop in addition to the book signing.

It turned out great and the attendees were very astute and asked a lot of good questions. I sincerely enjoyed it and I'm grateful for Scott at Selecon, Peter Maurelli and everyone at Barbizon, the two Toms (Morris and Stanziano) at Ocean Optics, and Novella Smith at Selador for helping to make it happen. And thanks to all who attended. I'm hopeful that we can do it again in the future."

The demo room was equipped with a Pacific 14-35 Zoomspot with an MSR 575W Hot Restrike lamp which projected the Barbizon logo, 2x Acclaim Fresnels, 4x Rama 6" Fresnels with the new award-winning Osram BTH 575W lamp and Selecon 8-way barndoor, 2x Arena 10" Fresnels. The Selecon Fresnels were all fitted with Wyborn color scrollers with custom mounting plates.

Thank you Barbizon and Richard Cadena for a great WFX!